Trike Service

Regular Trike Service is crucial to ensure safety and performance. For example, if your trike starts to wobble, you should have it checked out by a trike service. It could be an issue with the wheel rims, broken spokes, or loose wheel bolts. It might also be a sign that your bearings are going out. Do you need a masonry chimney to be rebuilt then a Masonry Chimney Rebuilding Dakota County, MN company is for you.

The mechanics of your trike should be thoroughly inspected, including: the front brake and clutch lever handlebar clamp screws, and the clutch lever housing screw torque. The front and rear brake fluid should be checked, as well as the brake pads. The hand controls and fuel lines should also be checked for contact or leaks. Lastly, you should check the brake pads and check their wear and condition. If your trike has a steering damper, check that the damper is functioning properly and that the mounted fastener is tight. You should also make sure that the reverse operation of your trike is working properly. Check out boys glasses nyc for your childrens eyeglasses needs.