Why is an encrypted PDF with object streams invalid for Acrobat Reader but opens fine in any other viewer

Its own difficult to become definitely certain, because (undoubtedly) I do not possess access to the Acrobat source, however it looks to me like you have actually found an unsupported mix in Acrobat. I guess you would certainly would like to be compatible with Performer, so I visualize you’ll want to guarantee you don’t create […]

Converting Excel to PDF with VS2008 and Office2007

Because it additionally makes it possible for pointing out all PDF/ XPS choices, this approach should be preferred over making use of SaveAs. Note: This method has been included in the Excel item version along with Excel 2007 and calls for the Save as PDF or even XPS Add-in for 2007 Microsoft Office courses (or […]

Automating MS Word in Server 2012 R2

I have a process which runs as a Microsoft window solution and also uses.Net OLE interop to automate Office (primarily simply Open up as well as SaveAs). This code has actually operated accurately for 8 years on essentially manies web servers using numerous combinations of Windows and Office variations, both 32 as well as 64 […]

HTML to MS Word document?

I require to programatically convert HTML (created with CK Publisher) in to a.doc report. I possess an outdated RTF converter filled in PHP, however it isn’t functioning effectively. I’m trying to find solutions either filled in PHP or a command-line system for linux/FreeBSD that I can easily conjure up. I am generating documents with php […]

Mail merge a list Excel in Word

Mail combine is actually certainly not the ideal means to the that. I would certainly instead utilize document variables and bookmarks to put (at the very least it was what I created for creating resumes where customer has info like label, birthdate plus tables of skill-sets, education and learning You may make use of Word’s […]

Transform Pdf Fields For multiple recipients?

I observed the DocuSign API can instantly change and also assign pdf areas to a singular nonpayment recipient (Docusign Transform Pdf Fields For singular recipient?). Is it possible to carry out the job for multiple recipients? Satisfy describe the Document Parameters (under keep in mind) for the rules used to match adobe areas to DS […]