I am actually attempting to incorporate image in PDF using csharp, yet problems is actually image not set correct in history( watermark).

You define fontSize, xposition, perspective, as well as yposition, but you may not be carrying out anything with those variables. It’s as if you copy/pasted some code from the web, without knowing what that code is actually expected to do.

Certainly, you need to substitute your image through an image with the colours you want (of course, you can modify coloration utilizing PDF procedures but why don’t you just use an image which currently is actually tinted as preferred?) as well as need to scale the image to accommodate the space.

i wish image as background as watermark and also I attempt by this code (which i acquired from internet) however result is like what in 2nd image so exactly how to accomplish that for all page as watermark and also initial image its html scenery, second image is actually pdf view

Suppose that you would like to scale the image in order that it suits the page size, then you must obtain the width as well as the height of the page: document.PageSize.Width and also document.PageSize.Height.

Then you have to make the decision whether or even certainly not you wish the image to keep its facet ratio. Otherwise, you can make use of img.ScaleAbsolute( size, elevation), but understand that this can distort your image. If you intend to prevent this misinterpretation, you must make use of the ScaleToFit() technique:

I am trying to add image watermark in pdf utilizing c#. Watermark is showing up on all the pages as counted on but along with ones that presently possess image I prefer my watermarking image to find in addition to the existing image on the pdf. I am actually using observing code to include image.

It consists of some text message that is revealed on the monitor “PRINT THIS PAGE”. This message won’t be noticeable if you publish the document. You need the exact opposite, however that is actually only a matter of changing the environments of the OCG to which the text belongs.

Exists a means to make use of cSharp to put a watermark on a.pdf document such that the watermark is simply apparent when imprinted as well as is actually certainly not visible when looking at the document?

I don’t understand the amount of scope you desire (you’ll possess to conform distance and elevation if you desire a margin), nor perform I know if you desire to center the image (that will demand some main institution Math).

Utilize a comment and also prepared the exposure of the annotation as if it is actually disappointed on display screen, merely when published.

Attempt making use of GetOverContext() to get the image https://simpledotnetsolutions.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/itextsharp-few-c-examples/

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