I have a process which runs as a Microsoft window solution and also uses.Net OLE interop to automate Office (primarily simply Open up as well as SaveAs). This code has actually operated accurately for 8 years on essentially manies web servers using numerous combinations of Windows and Office variations, both 32 as well as 64 little, so I enjoy that the system is actually reliable. Thus far …

Feel free to do not reply along with the generic tips not to automate Word on a link or even a web server to the MS internet page on “exactly how to automate word on a web server if you definitely should”. I am aware of this.

With Hosting server 2012 R2, it partners with PowerPoint as well as Excel but neglects making an effort to open a word document

Like recognized and also pointed out in the various other responses these folder requirement to become produced and accessible due to the phoning consumer (nearby device) normally or even the individual you set up in the prev measures.

Our complication stems from the fact our company are running word with a customer who isn’t associated with the LOCAL AREA device customer( i.e. the form of individual you possess when you are logged in to the maker) Microsoft window are going to just certainly not enable this to happen any longer.

I am constructing a Office Word Add-in utilizing JavaScript. In a layout users need to access some contact from Local connects with stashed in Expectation in the regional equipment. Atmosphere is using Citizen Exchange hosting server and certainly not Office 365 or Azure. Is this feasible? Any sort of Office API assists this that may be called coming from word API?

MS still perform dissuade utilizing 64 bit however whereas it utilized to be because it had not been any sort of great, currently it is actually mostly considering that it is actually not suitable with add-ons. Our company have actually made use of 64 bit office 2013 in our examination environments for some time with no concerns. We didn’t need to tinker customer permissions however our company are actually making use of the LocalSystem profile to implement Office. Having said the only thing that, our company are actually currently servicing a design which will definitely utilize windows automated logon to create a desktop computer session on hosting server start and auto-run our process so it is actually working on the personal computer. this seems the only trustworthy lasting remedy.

Make a local admin individual as well as log in to create any kind of ink-jet printers( printing to report) along with nonpayment word alternatives.
Point the DCOM config identification to the regional admin consumer developed.

I possess a Word 2013 in mix with Windows 2012 R2 Hosting server managing in a service method which does every thing I want without the requirement of an active treatment to be started. I use this to convert documents to PDF reports. Inside the Windows company I hold a WCF service.

Add-in APIs don’t possess access to any sort of local area device’s information. You might utilize the singular sign on attribute readily available to add-ins to access the get in touches with Microsoft Chart APIs if the connects with are held on Office 365. There is no indigenous JavaScript API help to access remote or even nearby Exchange servers. You ‘d need to write personalized REMAINDER API coating that add-in could contact us to obtain the get in touches with.

I’ve certainly not used DCOM config; my treatment utilize a user profile along with administration priviledges; there was no need to make use of LocalSystem profile with “communication with desktop computer” possibilities.

After making the INetCache directory it worked out for me. I have carried out the complying with to get everything functioning without an energetic session( WS2012 R2/ MS Office 2013 64x):.

Myself and the MS Engineer are actually servicing “Fooling” home windows in to assuming it is actually running Word as a nearby service, having said that the MS Engineer mentioned it was a long shot at absolute best consequently much everything our experts have tried has actually led to failing. It is actually not looking good.

If anyone else has actually viewed this details trouble even if you have not handled it, obviously I still have points to investigate however interested to listen to. Satisfy keep in mind there are actually lots of challenges as well as problems along with office hands free operation thus unless your symptoms are very comparable to mine, you probably do not possess the exact same complication.

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